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Dear Dave & Heather

Thank you so much for your quick and thorough care of my sprained ankle. Thanks to you, I was able to run my best marathon and qualify for Boston!

Lauren D

Dear Ben, Heather and Blair, Thank you so much for all your wonderful efforts on behalf of my knee and hip. You enabled me to run both the Chicago Marathon and the CIM. I had no pain during the CIM and even ran it five minutes faster than Chicago! I will continue to train and to do my exercises and stretching so hopefully I won't need your help again. :) You're the BEST! Merci Beaucoup Sincerely Carolyn W.

David and his staff, Thank you all so very much for helping me walk through my journey. Dave you and your staff are so encouraging and a joy to be around. Again, a big Thank You. – Carole

I think everyone here is always so friendly and caring. I have been coming here forever. If I know I am going to have Physical Therapy I always ask the doctor if I can come to EDPT. You guys always go over and above to help me get better. You guys ROCK!!! – Janie K.

Having never experienced physical therapy before, I didn't know what to expect. From the moment I stepped in the door, I felt everyone was concerned about my injury and wanted to assist in helping me recover.

After being diagnosed with lower leg tendinitis and four weeks left before the Boston Marathon, I had lost hope I could recover in time. After my first session with Heather Hatch, I felt a lot better the next morning. During the next three weeks, Heather Cramer, KC and Mary all used their expertise to help with my physical deficiencies to get me back into running shape through stretches and strengthening exercises. Physical therapy is never painless but the experience at El Dorado Physical Therapy made it fun and I always looked forward to the sessions.

Their hours are extremely flexible and there is plenty of parking. Facility is clean and tidy. What more can you ask for?! – Dennis M.

Amazing improvements and results! I feel twenty times better after treatment. Erin is very friendly and truly cares for her patients. I would definitely recommend your practice to anyone in need of Physical Therapy. Thank you. – Katy M.

Friendly, efficient, caring and skilled at relieving pain and symptoms. From day one I felt like I was in good hands. Almost sad to leave! – Linda B.

(To Geri Liebert OTR El Dorado Hills Office)

“I wanted to be able to help those who were unable to help themselves. I believe that people will become more independent as they regain their functional ability.”

I like your philosophy. While I was totally unable to help myself - my ‘Normal’ state ☺ - you were able to give me back more of a range of motion and much more flexibility than I had the first day I walked into your offices there in El Dorado Hills. I remember showing up in December or was it early January with a claw for a right hand. I never totally relaxed, as it’s against my nature. Tell me a million times and I still don’t get it. “Relax!”. “Relax already!”. “Did I not say relax.”

I still have to do a series of stretches every morning just to get my right hand functioning, but I haven’t given up, just yet, that there’s hope for a future.

Sincerely, Thanks for all you do and have done for me. Keep up the great work. – Lee

I first came to EDPT in 2007 after having a total knee replacement. At that time Julie was my primary therapist. She was the main reason I selected EDPT after my second total knee replacement. Julie has worked with me this time also and I am pleased to say she is still as much fun and professional as ever. It's not often that time goes by quickly when we are healing. Julie makes that happen. Special thanks to Julie and the staff at Shingle Springs. – Ralph E.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your team for all the great PT you have done over the years on my sciatic nerve. It hasn't bothered me at all since the birth of my son 9 months ago and I am training for marathons full time again! Just thought you should know how awesome your facility is and that I tell everyone with a complaint to go there. – Jess F

I am so pleased with the progress after shoulder surgery. I feel I'm a month ahead of schedule thanks to your professionals. Joanne, Michelle, Jessica and Ruben were great to work with during my rehab. – Steve R 

"I feel it is a privilege to be served by such a professional and caring staff as well as the high quality facility." – Dorothy J.

"I am very pleased with all of the therapists. They have helped me tremendously with my knees and getting my range of motion and strength back. They are the most caring people I have ever seen. Thank you all... – Debbie H.

"I like coming here because I can feel that the therapists care about me. I am not a number to them, I am someone they genuinely care about and want to help." – Mike S.

"Simply fun and fabulous staff." - Jennifer B.

"I believe angels work in this office. All are so friendly, professional and intelligent. I especially enjoy the many techniques of PT available. P.S. The front desk is on point." – Dan M.

"Everyone at El Dorado PT is professional with great attitudes. Mike has enabled me to continue pursuing my athletic passion for running. He's the best!" – Lori M.

"You're awesome!" – Julie W.

"If you need help you should come to El Dorado PT because at each visit your physical therapist works with you – not just an assistant. That is different from other PT places I have been." - Cindy C.

"Having gone to many PT places, my comment on El Dorado Physical Therapy is high in regards to your therapy and therapists. My ailments are responding very well to the touch of Joanne. She thinks before doing everything..." – Rosalie B.

"I have been a client of El Dorado Physical Therapy several times through the years. The staff at EDPT are extremely knowledgeable and always friendly, positive and willing to go the extra mile to assist in the healing process. I highly recommend EDPT to anyone needing physical therapy.

I recently began aquatic therapy. It is a real plus to my therapy regime. Julie is so caring and doesn't hesitate to work in the pool one on one as well as encouraging all in the group.

I am impressed by the positive atmosphere that is always present in the clinic and among the staff. I am always greeted by name and on time. It is evident that all the staff are very dedicated and committed to the valuable service they render." – Cheryl G.

"I have been treated at El Dorado Physical therapy for about 10 months since I broke my back. The staff is professional and yet personable. I feel like a part of the family. Julie has been extremely supportive and helpful for me both before and after surgery. She truly has helped me survive my ordeal physically and mentally." – Brenda O.

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