Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy Overview

Skiing. Snowboarding. Extreme winter sports

El Dorado Physical Therapy's Sports Therapy program protects athletes with a proactive, practical approach to injury prevention. It supports injured athletes with a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation that is designed to enhance recovery and facilitate return to function in the shortest time possible.

Full length of softball player sliding into home plate

El Dorado Physical Therapy specialists are physical therapists and athletic trainers whose knowledge and expertise are available to help you prevent injuries, maintain health, and work or play more comfortably. El Dorado Physical Therapy takes the complexity out of the prevention and management of sports injuries.


Our TEAM of professionals have advanced training as CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) as well as completing the EXOS (Professional Athlete Training Center in San Diego) Physical Therapy Performance Mentorship Program. Education consisting of EXOS methodology for Movement Preparation, Pre-habilitation, Pillar Strength, and Regeneration, Implementing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with

Boy Soccer Player In Training. Young Soccer Players at Practice Session

Upper- and lower-quadrant movement functional examinations and common dysfunctions as well as EXOS training and performance evaluation.