Physical Therapy

physiotherapy -therapist excercising with patient using gonometer to check the joint mobility of knee

Treatment Focus

Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan and recovery goals based on information gathered in a detailed evaluation performed by a licensed physical therapist. Rehabilitation programs involve a wide range of treatment options including, but not limited to: joint mobilization and/or manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, ASTYM treatments, modalities (i.e., ultrasound, heat/ice, electrical stimulation, etc.), and functional therapeutic exercise on land or in the water. Ultimately, the patient is always the focus of treatment. Consideration of patient goals reflects the belief that successful rehabilitation is a coordinated effort between patient and therapist.

An Essential Ingredient

Manual therapy is the cornerstone of our care. The human touch is an essential ingredient to our evaluations, care plans, and treatment guidelines. Patients respond positively to our hands-on assessment and treatment, and they become strong, active participants in achieving their own recovery. Active exercises including postural stretching and strengthening exercises also help patients learn to sustain healthy lifestyles.

Medical check at the shoulder in a physiotherapy center

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Staff

El Dorado Physical Therapy facilities offer an interdisciplinary staff of physical therapists, occupational hand therapist, physical therapy assistants and certified athletic trainers working as a TEAM. The diversity of our clinicians' training and expertise gives each of our individual clinician's access to a wealth of knowledge. This results in the highest quality of service for all our clients and meets the highest professional expectations and ethics of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Our people are committed to remaining at the forefront of rehabilitation. In addition to providing proven treatments based on years of experience, El Dorado Physical Therapy therapists actively pursue extensive continuing education.

People who live on the West Coast enjoy active lifestyles.
Unfortunately, injuries often accompany activity. Injury can be frustrating to an individual who views physical activity as an important part of life. At El Dorado Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to improving and enhancing function as it relates to your unique lifestyle. Our goal is to provide world-class physical therapy and sports medicine for individuals of all ages and abilities. We treat and train elite, masters, collegiate, high school athletes, pediatric athletes, weekend warriors, and non-athletes alike. If you are active, we want to help you keep enjoying the lifestyle you love. Whether competing for a championship or enjoying a round of golf, we can help you get back in the game of life.