Performance Analysis

Our team of Sports Therapy specialists is dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities succeed in meeting their health and performance goals. We have created an integrated, athlete-focused approach to assessing and monitoring athletic performance and in the treating and preventing of injury. With ACL injuries on the rise, the dorsaVi state of the art sensor technology provides valuable injury risk and rehabilitation data.

The Performance Assessment program looks at the lower extremity to
assess dynamic movement and determine deficits which may be causing injuries or determine readiness for return to sport after injury in real time.

dorsaVi quickly compares lower extremity:

  • Varus/valgus
  • Flight time
  • Speed of collapse
  • Tibial inclination

This data is collected through a number of functional tests including:

  • Bilateral squat
  • Single leg squat
  • Single leg hop
  • Running analysis

The results are analyzed to uncover biomechanical risk factors that may predispose an athlete to injury.  An individualized training program is then provided to reduce injury potential and improve athletic performance.

dosaVi sensor technology

Base Package- $120

  • DorsaVi Knee Biomechanical assessment
  • DorsaVi running test
  • Home exercise program
    Ultimate Package- $250
  • Base Package plus
  • Movement Screen
  • Post-test