Emily Munday PTA

Emily Munday PTA

“I like to treat the individual and hear his or her story and not just treat a person’s symptoms. People are like Rubix cubes and it is exciting to solve each puzzle. Often in health care people are treated like a dollar sign instead of a person. I love to empower patients with the knowledge I have and I am constantly learning in order to empower both of us more. We can do this!”

My Specialty

I have been a massage therapist for 6 years and believe in the power of touch. I take a very hands on approach but I try to take the patients’ needs into consideration for a more holistic treatment. I am eager to learn the most I can to develop other skills and tools for my tool box in order to help my patients.


Sacramento City College, Physical Therapy Assistant

Fair Oaks Institute of Massage, Certified Massage Therapist

Sierra College, Associate Degree in Science


  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • California Physical Therapy Association


“In high school and college I swam and played water polo. Physical Therapy was instrumental in keeping my shoulders intact and my Physical Therapist’s taught me a lot about throwing mechanics and Rotator Cuff issues. They were paramount in my success and got me back in the pool. I was inspired to make a living helping others heal. Years later I became a massage therapist which ignited my drive to pursue a career in helping people rehabilitate and get back to doing what they love.”


“Being able to see people progress, grow and learn about their bodies. Sometimes it is almost like seeing a baby walk for the first time when I see a patient who once could not perform an exercise or be in too much pain, to be able to do it and progress. I also love all the opportunities this job beings me, I am able to continue my education and grow to be able to progress right along with you.”


Swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, traveling, hiking, meditating, journaling, long walks, comedy, trying to restaurants in new places. Meeting new people.  


  • Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner
  • Myokinesthetic Technique Lower Body
  • Great Lakes, Sacroiliac Joint Mobilization
  • ASTYM certified practitioner
  • The Barral Institute:Neuromeningeal I-II (NM 1-2), Visceral Manipulation I (VM1)
  • IPA: Core First Strategies, PNF 1
  • Gray Institute: Chain Reaction
  • AEA: Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor