Bridge Sessions

Get stronger with prescribed exercise sessions!

Save money, get stronger and don’t use your insurance benefits with our Bridge sessions during Physical Therapy. Many insurance plans limit your physical therapy visits to approximately 5-25 visits per year. This doesn’t allow for enough time to train your muscles, reduce pain, improve function, and get stronger. Instead of billing your insurance and paying your co-pays, you will pay only $25 for each 30-minute session.

During these “Bridge” sessions you will meet with an Exercise Specialist to perform your exercises, add new exercises to your program and build up your strength. All of the exercises are created and prescribed by your Physical Therapist. At the end of your Bridge sessions, you will meet with your Physical Therapist for a reassessment. We also accept Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Savings Accounts.

Ask your Physical Therapist if Bridge Sessions are right for you!