El Dorado Physical Therapy

Blair Sturm PTA


“I believe in full body treatment because the whole body is connected

from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.”

”I specialize in aquatic and manual therapy for orthopedics

and Neuromuscular facilitation.”


Sacramento City College, AS in Physical Therapy Assisting 2015

I BECAME Physical Therapy Assistant BECAUSE…

“When I was in high school my coach’s son was in Physical Therapy for cerebral

palsy and I saw what a difference Physical Therapy can make in someone’s life

and fell in love with the profession. I enjoy being in a field that will always

challenge me to learn more.”


“I enjoy seeing patients improving their quality of life and meeting new goals

and milestones. I enjoy getting to be a part of my patients’ journey to a

more enriched life.”


First and foremost I love spending time chasing after my energetic toddler.

I am also a crafter! I enjoy caked decorating, crocheting, and various

other craft projects.


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